Hi, I’m Ellie Frost.

I help you create a meaningful business and find creative ways to make money from the work that inspires you.

My gift is to help you tune in deeper to your intuitive knowing,  live in flow and positive self expression and find ways to work that support your highest intentions and outcomes.

I believe we each have a soul purpose, something very meaningful to us that we love to do.

However, many of us don’t follow our calling because we find it hard to get clear on exactly what it is and how to make it work financially.

Following that calling enables us to do our best work in the world, from a place of passion.

Our best work comes from being able to express our creativity, unique gifts and bring the best of who we are into everything that we do.

It involves using our innate gifts and abilities, not just our learned skills and experience.

It means being free and authentic in who we are and how we work.

Work is our productivity in the world and our chance to express ourselves in a meaningful and productive way. 

Our best work gives us freedom and liberation and enables us to become more of ourselves through it. 

Our best work comes from a place of inner wisdom, joy and connection but most of us need to learn how to access that part of ourselves and bring it into our work. 

I believe we are each born with amazing gifts, unique inspirations and the ability to use them to fulfil our desires.

To fulfil our potential we  have to let go of old concepts, beliefs and ways of doing things and step into flow based working models.

These models enable us to grow ourselves through our work, work in more fluid ways and attract and receive the right opportunities, customers and resources.

We can choose creativity and passion as a natural state of being and way to expand our work in this world.

This requires us to express our unique message in an authentic way that resonates with others and build our work around that. 



I am a transformational coach.

I elevate your business through consciousness coaching and show you how to work in more aligned ways.

I help you get absolutely clear on your highest vision for your work and strategically and creatively find ways to implement it.

Most people have an idea of their purpose, what would give them more meaning in their work, but are unsure how to unlock its potential.

I can take you further into knowing the fullness of you true purpose and show you ways in which you can make it work.

We often have assumptions, beliefs and judgements standing in the way of us truly expressing who we are and what we want to create in the world.

I coach you to let go of what’s not serving you and bring you into a higher awareness of the work your were born to do and how to make it happen.

I have learned that success is only really successful when we are working in ways that combine financial, emotional and spiritual fulfilment.

It is essential to combine the three and learn how to work in new, more aligned and fluid ways.

I am highly intuitive and help people make the changes they need to fast, easily and by making it fun.

I am an implementor, meaning we find ways to get what needs to be implemented done and make action part of the flow based working methods I teach.

You learn how to use your creativity, intuition and ideas and monetise them as you come in alignment with your highest mission.

I teach you how to unleash your message in ways that resonate with your audience, what to focus on, how to strip away the manufactured marketing message and speak from the heart.

I teach you how to get into alignment with a higher intelligence and work with ease, passion and energy – what I call flow based working. 

So many artists, innovators, leaders, entrepreneurs and visionaries are not able to monetise fully because they don’t know how to implement in ways that are aligned with the positive impact they are here to create. 

My gift is to help you tune in deeper to your intuitive knowing, live in flow and positive self expression and find ways to work that support your highest intentions and outcomes.

It’s about learning a new way of being and getting paid for being you!

You can learn more about my story here.


If you’ve got this far then you already know that you’ve got much more to offer the world.

You’re ready to bring your dreams to life and are fed up with programs and strategies that don’t work around who you are.

You know you’re here to help others and impact in a bigger way.

You want to tap into a higher awareness, use your intuition, know what your unique gifts are and how to fulfil their potential.

I work with people all over the world via Skype to elevate their business through consciousness coaching and practical strategies that get results. Fast.

I also run a number of online programs and courses which you can find out more about here and offer personal branding services which can be separate or combined with the coaching services.

You can check out personal branding  here.

I am the coach for you if:

    • You want to monetise your strengths, passions and ideas.
    • You want to be able to work according to your unique vision and abilities and bring your natural talent, intuition and awareness into everything you do.
    • You want to be unleashed and constantly evolving yourself and your work.
    • You want to elevate and expand your ideas and make them into something tangible.
    • You want to create change, do things differently, and make a bigger impact.
    • You want your business to express your highest vision and expression of what you are here to do.
    • You want the clarity, confidence and direction to go to the next level.
    • You want to message in ways that resonate, influence and impact others in positive ways.
    • You want to be fully expressed through your business and for your business to be an evolving extension of you, your values and vision.
    • You want to be expansive, you are multi faceted and multi disciplinary in your work.
    • You want to create a business around your lifestyle and aren’t afraid to “break” the rules.

We typically work over 3 – 6 months and I offer a break through session for people who are new to the way I work.

Contact me for a free breakthrough session here: